The 2019 Spring Expo date is set for March 16, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Registration Forms will be up in January.

The shortened Expo to just one day rather than two, and, lasting only until 4:00 p.m. Saturday, became a popular arpproach for most all the vendors involved in 2015, so the same format will continue in 2016. Similarly, space has been made available for a Craft Show again to showcase handmade, locally produced crafts to encourage the advancement of entreprenuer aspects of the business world, so we added to the layout a number of booths reserved for those crafts. Dedicated to the creation of home business, handmade Michigan crafts, those booths are restricted to just those types of crafts. The franchised type crafts or businesses such as Origami, Scentsy, Mary Kay and others need to pick a regular business booth space. We really want to see some unique, and especially locally made craft vendors in the show.

In any case, there is still plenty of space to showcase your wares, whatever the type of business, and the system will operate in the same fashion. You should refer to the registration form and the layout map to determine the cost of each location and be aware that the exit way booths going out have no power available. So keep that in mind as you register for the Expo.

Booth Layout and Registration Details

The booth layout is set up by groups and numbered throughout. Group A (Shaded in Blue), are the prime entry locations. Group B (Shaded in Orange), are the standard center locations. Group C, (Yellow), with a "No Power" label are the standard exit locations with Group D (Craft Booths), added as a standard with a "No Power" label. The power of the facility is just too strained to handle any more power requirements and those booths are provided at a discounted rate as a result. Finally Group D (Non-profits & Government Agencies) are located in the booth areas shaded in Green. The registration form reflects the same grouping with this approach providing the least amount of friction and eliminates favoritism. If you want to be first in line, pick your number and make the reservation. The reservation will be held for the first business that stops by my office with a check. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT OVER THE PHONE RESERVATIONS. If you don't want to be in the designated "Non-Profit/Government Agency area, then pick a different spot and pay that rate. Each day we will update the map on the Chamber website with a listing of who is in what spot and what remains available. If you don’t make a selection and simply mail in your registration, you are subjecting yourself to our placement. For non-members, your application will require membership and the form reflects the same.Current reservations will be updated daily if necessary and are indicated with a Red "X". The Expo is set for Saturday, March 21, 2015, with set-up and tear-down times noted on the registration form. As usual, we are planning an aggressive marketing campaign to help make this another successful event. We thank you for your interest in the Expo and Craft Show and ask that you give me a call if you have any questions at the Chamber Office, 517-522-8838 or the Village Office at 517-522-4550.



The Spring Business Expo is one of the first events brought out by the Grass Lake Regional Expo12010Chamber in 2006. Set up as an event to showcase the membership businesses in the area, more than 75 of the 100 members in the chamber entered the Expo in 2006 with little idea what could be expected.

Held usually on the second or third weekend in March, the event proved successful with the attendance of nearly 1200 people over the weekend to take in the newest in wares by area businesses, and sample the value of local entertainment groups and entities. Providing incentives to stop by their booth, businesses posted attractive drawings and hourly door prizes to those who took in the show. As well, the Chamber itself put up some significant benefits to attendees with drawings for gas cards, TV’s, game consoles and a host of other interesting items.

Expo22010First starting with the Expo in Grass Lake High School gymnasium, it was an ideal opportunity for the community to get a firsthand look at the newest facilities of Grass Lake Community Schools. As the Expo continued its wide growth to more than 90 booths and exhibits, the Expo moved to the George Long Elementary School in 2010. In 2011 the expo moved back to Grass Lake High School with the aid of a new 6,000 square foot addition on the gymnasium.

The new addition provided a good opportunity to spread out a little more and accommodate even more booth space in the future. As well, the spacing allows for a little more spread-out in the gym with a meandering walk around the entire spread of booths, an entertainment area and food court, all in the same building without the confusion of a multitude of hallways. The layout of the exhibit booths are pictured with a range in prices indicated by colored shading. As the resgistration and payments come in, reserved spaces are marked out with a large red "X" and the name associated with that "X" is listed by booth number provided by clicking on the Registration Listing link below. If you'd like a print out of the booth layout and reservations listing then click on the "Booth Spaces Layout" and the "Reservations Listings" link below.