Chili Cook-off/Winterfest

Chili Cook-off/Winterfest

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The 2019 Winterfest is tentatively set for January 18th and 19th, 2019

2019 Craft Show Registration Form - Coming Up Soon!

2019 Chili Cook-off Registration Form - Coming Up Soon!

2018 Light up the Night Run/Walk Registration - Coming Up Soon!!

                   The planning is getting underway and may include the prospect of spreading out the Winterfest activities from the High School to the Community Events Pavilion on Brown Street downtown. Indeed, the event has gotten so large that its effective presentation may require additional location venues. Ice Sculptures, Chili Cook-off, Craft Show, a Friday night Fun Run, S'mores, ….all combined to highlight January in Grass Lake, when it’s really cold and snowy, but you’d still like to have something to do. Hopefully, it will actually be cold and snowy this year!!

               The Chili Cook-off/Winter Festival will come together as the committee plans all of the above activities to center around the High School site and provide a range of happenings. Looking back to last winter, and the early start to this winter, is there any doubt that can’t be accomplished? The committee doesn’t think so and are moving ahead with the arrangements for blocks of ice to be placed around the site that is selected with a sculpturing exercise by semi-pro artists from around the area. The new location will include a warming station for the ice sculpturing event as well as the location for the Chili Cook-off where chili cooks will compete for your tasting favorite prizes.

               If you’d like to help pull the whole thing together, then contact Todd Raehtz at 734-260-6387. We are excited that the Copper Nail will be our Main Event Sponsor! If you’d like to sponsor one of the venues, one of the events, or simply show your support for the day of activities, then click on the links above or below for a sponsorship form for the day’s events, or register to enter the chili cook-off and dream up a recipe for the winning chili. Either way, the cook-off and the festival will be held on Friday night January 19th in downtown Grass Lake, and Saturday, January 20th, 2018, at the High School.

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