The 2018 Festival of Lights is Set for December 1, 2018
Cookie Tour Details and Parade Application Forms for 2018 should be available late Fall.

     Thfirsweekend in December whold our annual Festivaof LightsWe have breakfaswith Santawhavcarriage rides to the Coe HousMuseum. The CoHousiopen and deckeout for thseasonThe UniteMethodist Churchas their annuacrafand bake sale, Santa makes a visit tthDepotLater in the evening we have Festival of Lights parade and lightinof thChristmas tree downtown.

    To start the tour, each traveler will pick ua passport bakery bag from thWhistlStop Depot or a participating destination. Thpassport takes the traveler teacdestination whicis clearlmarked on thpassport map to get theirpassport stamped anreceiva cookie. Once they have their passport completelfilled out, they return ito either the Whistle Stop or a Cookie Tour destination for a chancto win the grand prize. Thgrand prizicollectiooitems from all the Cookie Tour destinations.

     We accept 15 CookiToudestinations eacyearThiis to keethe tour manageablfor the CookiTour passport travelers. Applications are accepted on first come basis.

       * You muscomplete and returthe Cookie TouApplicatiobthappointedeadline

* Once acceptewe will provide you with passportsbakery bags, and a Cookie Tour Destination sign.

*  You wilprovid350 (min.) cookies and a $2gift item (card) and be opefor business frorn 10-on Saturday.

WpromotthCookie Tour and Festival of Lightthrough many social medias; wdo not promotthe individual businessesThe exposurthis event produces is greafor you and thtravelers. It's a great time to have your Holidaopen house anoffer somspecial deals and advertisement.

     If you have questions please contact Susan Cobb-Starrett by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Christmas Festival of LightsSanta

The Christmas Festival of Lights program drew and amazing number of people into town in its first year during the Christmas season of 2010. Searching out all of the cookies they could find, visitors turned out for a marvelous day to open the Christmas season as hundreds of kids visited with Santa at the Depot, while the Fire Department collected canned goods and toys for those less fortunate during this season of giving.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the day was the “Cookie Tour”. Each family picked up their passports for the cookie tour and set out collecting cookies at 25 different locations around town and throughout the community. Whether it was just walking through downtown, or taking the horse and wagon rides to the Coe House Museum, most shuttled throughout the area seeking the stamps on their passports for a chance at the Christmas basket prizes at the Depot. With the afternoon pretty much occupied by looking for cookies, listening to music at the Depot, or simply wandering the businesses downtown, most occupied their time at one end of town or the other until the parade got underway at 4:00 p.m.Rosequeen

The streets were lined with people at the start of the parade with a host of creative attempts at lighting up, and sounding up, their different approaches in parade floats, all of which culminated in the lighting of the tree on the grounds of Whistlestop Park at 5:00 p.m. Hundreds of cups of hot chocolate were consumed as everyone awaited the arrival of Santa for the lighting of the tree adorned with more than 8,400 lights. At the designated time, the Mayor started the countdown as Santa made the final connection to light up the tree to applause and oooh’s and aaahh’s. As the spirit and hot chocolate warmed the hearts, Grass Lake native and Jackson County’s Rose Queen Casey McKay autographed pictures for a line of little girls inside the Depot.Parade2

An overall enjoyable day throughout Grass Lake, the spirit of Christmas was well underway thanks to the key coordination of Jennifer Crouch and Sharon Coppernoll and the crew of people that they put together to pull off another fine community event. 

Registration Forms will be up soon.