The Next Winterfest is Set for February, 2020

Sponsor Registration Forms will be available in the Fall, 2019

                    The planning is postponed for 2019 and instead is looking toward 2020. Indeed, the event has lost so many people and has gotten so large that it will likely be moved back downtown to the Community Events Park on Brown Street. Ice Sculptures, Sledding & Snowboarding Hills, Ice Skating, a Fun Run and several other activities will include Hot Chocolate, Coffee and a warming tent ….all combined to highlight one weekend in February, when it’s really cold and snowy, but you’d still like to have something to do. Indeed, the past two years have experienced such warm weather in January that many of the ice sculptures had actually melted before the day was over. That, and the prediction that an El Nina will again influence the weather patterns in 2019, has left the committee with the idea to move the event to sometime in February, 2019, when it might still be cold and snowy. 

               In any event, the Winter Festival date will come together as the committee plans all of the above activities to center around the Community Events Park and its newly constructed pavilion and will provide a community of happenings with the sledding and snowboarding hills, providing enough snow hits the ground to build those venues. The new location will include a warming station for the ice sculpturing event as well as a location for the Ice Chimney and Smore's, plus a Fun Run on Friday Night, will make the event even more interesting.

               If you’d like to help pull the whole thing together, then contact Tom Nolte at the Chamber, 517-522-8838. If you’d like to sponsor the Main Event, or, one of the other activities, or simply show your support for the day of activities, then click on the link above for a sponsorship form in the Fall of 2020. Either way, keep an eye out for further details to come.